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Jim Draper

I have only recently found your blog.
FYI, my father served with the Royal Marines during and after WW2 and married my mother, a German national, on 10th March 1947 in Wilhelmshaven.
Both my parents have passed away and I have little information about what they had to go through, but my sister says they believed they were the first or second marriage of a British soldier and German national after the cessation of hostilities.

Angela Lambert

My German mother arrived on the RSS Empire Halladale from Cuxhaven to Tilbury to marry my father, previously an English soldier 70 years ago today, 21st April 1947. If you have any further information on this, I would be so grateful. I visited Tilbury for the first time last Tuesday and apparently nothing has changed since 1947. A wonderful dock worker showed me round. The story goes on, but not for now. Angela

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