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This is so interesting.
I am researching life for expellees from Breslau who ended up in the British zone. It is an uphill task.
I must try to get hold of a copy of this film.
The post war experience seems much over shadowed by the actual war - though the aftermath was almost as appalling.

Christopher Wright

I would be very interested to know where you can get hold of the Jennings film. I have not come across it.

Interesting German language material I am currently reading (as a former Hamburg resident) includes Bahnsen/von Stuermer "Die Stadt, die leben wollte," dealing with the final days of the war and the British entry into the city.

Chris Knowles

As far as I know the film has not been released on DVD, but you can view it over the web on "Moving History" http://www.movinghistory.ac.uk/archives/iw/films/iw6defeated.html or (if you are a subscriber) via Screenonline http://www.screenonline.org.uk/film/id/711414/index.html
You can also arrange to see it at the Imperial War Museum in London, by making an appointment to do so with their Film Archive.

john dudarz

my father who was polish worked for the british military police in westfalen after ww2. finding any info is almost impossible . any advice.

Harry Leslie Smith

I would be most interested to find a DVD copy of this film. I currently completing my second volume of memoirs which pertain to my RAF service in in Hamburg, from May 1945-47. Living conditions, in Hamburg, for most Germans were abysmal.

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